Advertisement Portal
Dear Advertiser enables advertisers to increase the reach of the ads published in the print edition. The digital edition on is an exact replica of the print edition. As the digital edition can transcends geographical barriers which is often not possible with the print versions, it provide greater brand building andconsumer response. The digital ad is also the digital voucher tear sheet as advertisers can see the ad and the position online.

Multimedia Ads

This service brings your ads in print edition to life. The digital edition can carry the multimedia version of the print ad. For example, a car advertised in the print magazine can come to life online and can be viewed driving into the horizon. Multimedia ads have a greater recall value and open up channels for innovations.

Online advertising on allows marketers to conduct context based surveys,extend exclusive offers and get online feedback form a highly involved audience.

Online Advertising on offers many online advertising opportunitieson the portal. You may contact us for banner ads, buttons, tower ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, and email marketing.

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