Learning Resource Centre (Library)

The Marwari Library is one of the  most well equipped library of the city. It consists of a central reading hall, newspapers and periodical sections and scholarly journal room. The library is well staked with latest books and journals in the various fields of science, Literature, Politics, Astrology etc. These Categories in Number are 28. So users has wide range of options from which books to choose from. The library has a growing collection of approximate thirty two thousand books. It also has a books / e-books on competitions and career development.  Almost all journals of IEEE, IEE and Other publications in engineering sciences are available through on-line facilities of INDEST. Besides, a large number of journals and magazines in print are also subscribed. The library provides learning / researching resource to students and teachers regarding latest world wide developments in higher education, research and placement activities. It also has a growing collection in the area of communication skills, teaching English as a second language, and books of general interest in humanities, social sciences and personality development.

The library has INDEST (Indian National Digital Library in Science and Technology) facilities. This can be accessed from the library as well as from your Home also. 

Library Hours and Holidays  
Tuesdays through Sundays                                        8.30 AM to 8.00 PM
Monday and Holidays                                           Closed